The Importance of Having Multiple Skill Sets

It’s often and accurately said that the people are what make up an organization. And so, the skill set of the people in an organization translate into how well the organization does. Be it a small company, a start-up, or a multinational corporation, the same holds true. Armed with this information, organizations that seek to be proactive continue to build the skill set of its employees. It is important for each employee to have a broad range of skills and in the age of information and big data, having a Data Analyst Skill Set takes top priority.

As organizations of all types look to reduce overhead while maximizing output, cost-cutting measures have become a key focus at every level of management.  In years past, companies would evaluate organizational tasks and hire accordingly, creating a wide variety of positions that were focused on very specific silos of activity.  For example, marketing departments of the past had a vice president overseeing a group that would include graphic designers, web designers, statistical analysts, product managers and marketing coordinators.  Each had their specific group of skill sets and when working on a project, each would tackle their slice of the whole.  Anything outside their area of expertise was usually assigned to outside hires like consultants or contractors.  This resulted in extended project timelines and exorbitant overhead expenses. Companies are getting smarter and prefer to train employees to acquire these skills than contract it out at a higher cost.

Just training your employees and equipping them with a Data Analyst Skill Set is not enough. Organizations need to provide tools to help employees use their newly acquired skills efficiently and they also have to provide a conducive and supportive environment for employees to practice and promote growth. Below are ways employers can support employees who wish to use their Data Analyst Skill Set.

Build a Data Warehouse

A first step towards helping analysts be more effective is to provide them with a data warehouse. Building a data warehouse empowers analysts and aides in the identification of improvement opportunities that add value. A data warehouse which is called an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) serves as a hub for all data and aggregates data. An enterprise data warehouse is necessary because analysts can access all the data from any device using the same login and it is secure.

Provide A Conducive Testing Environment

Analysts should be provided with testing environment accompanied with full access and no restrictions (within reason). Data analysts should be able to test the data to build solutions and test ideas. They should also be able to store data, break down ideas and data sets and rebuild as they see fit. There should, however, be a central communication channel for all analysts so there’s a harmonious understanding of the happenings in the data warehouse. This is important so there is no clash or errors like one analyst deleting data that’s relevant to another analyst.

Provide Tools for Data Discovery

There are data discovery tools that are highly rated such as Business Intelligence tool. These data discovery tools make it easier for analysts to explore the available data and identify trends and areas of improvement and also do in-depth analysis. These tools feature charts, graphs etc that help the data analysts relay information in the form of insightful and visual reports that are easily understandable for other members of the organization and those the data analysts report to. This would lead to system improvements and cause the organization to run more smoothly.

Provided Direction and Clear Goals to Analysts

Healthcare data analysts need direction and clear goals set of what the healthcare organization wants and needs. This goal might differ from department to department. However, care has to be taken not to give step-by-step instructions resulting in micro-management. Just giving them a clear need or goal and letting the analysts apply their skill set will lead to more colorful results and solutions to problems.